Curatorial development in Scotland

Kitty Anderson

Kitty is Curator at The Common Guild, Glasgow. She was previously Associate Director at The Modern Institute and Associate Curator at Frieze Projects. Recent projects with The Common Guild include ‘The Glasgow Schools’, a research-based project on the Socialist Sunday School movement by Ruth Ewan for Glasgow International 2012 (with Siobhan Carroll) and ‘How to Look at Everything’ an exhibition of film and video works by Zbynek Baladrán, Simon Martin, Nick Relph and Falke Pisano that combine narrative structures with the documentary format, exploring the nature of looking and understanding.

Recent freelance projects include ‘One cannot go on saying but…’, a collaborative project with artists Anne-Marie Copestake, Kate Davis, Rachel Lowther and Lorna Macintyre for ‘Contradictory Woolf’, The 21st Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, 2011, ‘Overlap’, by Claire Barclay at Glasgow Print Studio for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, 2010 (with Siobhan Carroll), and ‘FLATWORK’, a publication exploring the presentation of two-dimensional work by sculptors, published in 2008, (with Vanessa Billy).

From 2010-2011 Kitty organised a Curatorial Discussion Group with Jamie Kenyon, providing a forum for open discussion around current and ongoing curatorial issues with individuals from across Scotland. The group aimed to build relationships between participants and provide a platform for a range of activities and a supportive environment for their development.