Curatorial development in Scotland

Katie Bruce

Katie has been the Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow’s (GoMA) Social Inclusion Coordinator since 2002, but as part of service re-forms it is planned that her title will soon change to Producer/Curator. Katie considers her curatorial work as an artistic practice. Until 2010, this focused on the outreach work (projects and exhibitions) and residency programme (in 2009) of the gallery’s contemporary art and human rights programme. Since then she has developed various programmes that respond to the theme of health. This includes work around ‘play’ through Blueprint for a Bogey (2011) ( and projects at Yorkhill Hospital (ongoing). She also developed the outreach participatory programme for the British Art Show 7 in Glasgow (2011) with artist Anne-Marie Copestake and filmmaker Kirsten MacLeod.

Katie is developing a new programme of work around playable spaces with GoMA’s Associate Artist Rachel Mimiec which will include a seminar/gathering at Platform exploring ideas around play and creativity for early years, opportunities to take part in workshops exploring markmaking through the Thursday Exchange at GoMA, The Public Square…Play to Protest, as part of Document at CCA – a workshop/event exploring protest and play, and Atelier Public an exhibition that takes inspiration from the artist studio space and invites the public to play, experiment, and make use of the materials on offer, with the opportunity to exhibit and curate what they have made in the space. Alongside the invitation to the public, an invitation will be sent to a selected group of artists (with a relationship to GoMA) to have the same experience working in the space, making, curating and leaving an artwork.

Katie is currently a member of the Engage Scotland development group and has been on the Artistic Advisory Committee for the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art since 2007.