Curatorial development in Scotland

Emma Balkind

Emma is a recent MA graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, based in Glasgow. Her background in arts administration, at galleries including The Changing Room and Peacock Visual Arts, informs her written practice. She intends to begin PhD research later this year with the working title ‘Speculating on the Cultural Commons: investigating ‘weak theory’ as strategy for future flourishing’.

She is primarily concerned with the intersection between culture and the public realm, utilising various speculative and imaginary forms as tools of critique. In both her research and practice the imaginary is a something of an idée fixe as a performative mode with radical potential.

Previous curated exhibitions include ‘Microstoria’ at Talbot Rice Gallery, with accompanying publication ‘A Microstory of Curating’ Edinburgh 2011, and ‘Seripop’ at Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen 2009 (Pick of the Week in the Sunday Times).

Emma is also a member of the working group ‘Let’s get together and call ourselves an institute’ researching the possibilities for new forms of institutional practice.