Curatorial development in Scotland

Claudia Zeiske

Claudia Zeiske is a free-lance curator and cultural activist. Since coming to Scotland in 1995 she has collaborated with many organisations across Scotland including the National Galleries of Scotland/Duff House, the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Peacock visual arts, and the Royal Scottish Academy. She is co-founder and Director of Deveron Arts and has set up the acclaimed Artists at Glenfiddich programme in rural Speyside. She worked with named artists such as Roderick Buchanan, Rosalind Nashashibi, Christine Borland in the UK and The Utopia Group/China, Senzeni Marasela from South Africa.

She developed a unique curatorial interest based on a balanced approach between artistic criticality and community involvement through developing projects with artists from across the globe. Today she is concentrating on the development of Deveron Arts as an international residency programme, where the ‘town is the venue’ rather than a gallery or arts center.

More lately she has taken her passion of walking to new realms on the threshold between art and walking, through a number of projects, including walking lunches, walkachats and walky-talkies.