Curatorial development in Scotland

Alexandra Ross

Alexandra Ross is based in Dundee where she is currently conducting doctoral research in the field of curatorial practice exploring the scope and efficacy of conversation-as-method within curatorship and the capturing of its history. The fieldwork of this practice-led investigation into curatorial conversations focuses on Manifesta 8, European Biennial of Contemporary Art; the 54th Venice Biennale; and Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. The biennial provides a rich context in which to situate her research, although this is not the exclusive domain of investigation: also including curatorial education; virtual, international networks; and experimental choreographed environments.

A bespoke online platform is currently under construction to host some of the interstitial conversations around curatorial practice resulting from her research

She read an honours law degree at the University of Edinburgh (1999-2004), followed by a Masters in Museum and Gallery Studies, University of St Andrews (2004-2005), and a Master of Fine Art, University of Dundee (2006-2007). From 2009 to present, she has been co-editor and co-curator of the collective Yuck ‘n Yum. YnY is a curatorial collective who produce a quarterly art zine and host events that promote and distribute art out with the gallery setting. She has worked in a variety of organisations including, IZIKO, South African National Gallery (Cape Town), Manifesta 7 (Bolzano), Bonhams Auctioneers (Edinburgh), and the Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh).

Ross has also curated Symbiotic Intuition (Dundee, MFA degree show), State of Play (Berlin / Dundee), and Dance-On (Bolzano, during Manifesta 7). She works largely collaboratively with artists, choreographers, dancers, and educators assessing the boundaries, language and genealogy of curatorial practice. Her most recent project is Yuck ’n Yum’s AGK2 (Annual General Karaoke) (Dundee) in a co-editor / co-curator capacity.