Curatorial development in Scotland

Gavin Wade

Value and Evaluation

22.03.2012 - DCA, Dundee

This workshop focuses on recent research and commentary on notions of value and evaluation.  It is co-hosted by Clive Gillman, Director of DCA.

In advance of the workshop participants will receive selected texts to provoke thinking about ideas including common values, inherent values, economic value, deferred value, generating value and inalienable value.  The purpose is to create a wider discussion on both theoretical approaches to value in relation to the arts and the pragmatic impacts of state/institutional investment in culture.

As part of the workshop Gavin Wade, Director of Eastside Projects, Birmingham will give a presentation on their recent symposium Public Evaluation Event and newly published Eastside Projects User’s Manual Draft Five.  These approaches to evaluation sit within the artistic programme at Eastside Projects rather than occupying an administrative function outside the public realm.

Workshop Reference Materials