Curatorial development in Scotland

The Exhibition and its Histories

Simon Sheikh, Lucy Steeds, Steven Ten Thije, Kirsten Lloyd, Kirsteen Macdonald

01.03.2013 - University of Edinburgh

Contributors: Simon Sheikh, Lucy Steeds, Steven Ten Thije, Kirsten Lloyd, Kirsteen Macdonald

Since the turn of the 21st century the irresistible rise of the figure of the curator has been the defining feature of the contemporary art landscape. In response institutions have sought to offer education in the fields of curatorship and exhibition histories, mostly in the form of curatorial postgraduate programmes. In light of these developments, a thorough examination of the implications of curatorial training within art and art history education has become increasingly urgent. This one-day symposium addresses this, specifically focussing on the following questions:

  • Why has the history of exhibitions come into currency at this specific moment?
  • How does the study of exhibition histories contribute to the discipline of art history?
  • Why study the exhibition? What does it offer us that the study of an artwork or an artist’s practice does not?

Further information available at including recordings of all presentations.

A collaboration between: University of Edinburgh, Konstfack Curatorial and Framework. Organised by: Benjamin Fallon, Kirsteen Macdonald and Harry Weeks.  Generously supported by the AHRC