Curatorial development in Scotland

On a Par? A colloquy on enquiry, working together, and curating

30.09.2016 - The Pearce Institute

Presentations and discussions by: Jason E. Bowman, Ben Cranfield, Julie Crawshaw, Benjamin Fallon, James N. Hutchinson, Kirsten Lloyd, Kirsteen Macdonald, Megs Morley, Andrea Phillips, Mick Wilson and Lesley Young

Co-organised by: Framework and Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg

Critical expansions in curating, its developing literature and promises run concurrent to our always-on conditions and the capitalised spectacle of contemporary art production, its institutions and circuits.

With capacity to evolve through a rotating series of turns (social, educational, research, para-curatorial, locational), the ‘gift of the curatorial’ (Martinon) is seen to be an extension of curating towards immediate politics, developing socialities and instituting world-making futures. Punctuated by communalised, collaborative and collectivised working methods, artistic and curatorial practices have a potential to repurpose and nuance ‘meetings’ to foster new relations; revise existing registers and orders; conspire towards new organisational practices and institutional constructions and thus effect new modalities such as exhibition-making as research or redrafting our own constituencies. Concurrently, in the ever-decreasing division between labour and life, curating becomes entangled with the everyday busyness of contemporary art; nevertheless, retaining the possibility to rehearse other conceptions such as adapting art’s institutions and the potential to recuperate projects. This invokes a need to interrogate how art and life is affected when working together, who togetherness excludes, what can be un/done, and for whom?

This colloquy assembles researchers and practitioners who share an engagement with the developing discourse and praxis of curating. Together we will consider:

  • What can be un/done through collaborative non/work?
  • What exhibitionary registers influence how we discuss artistic life/work?
  • What are the implications of constituting exhibitions as research?
  • How does the curatorial act upon structures of organisation?
  • For whom do we curate?
  • How do we administrate working together?


Please note this event is strictly by invitation only due to limited capacity.