Curatorial development in Scotland

Nina Möntmann

New Communities

07.02.2012, 17:00 - 19:00 - Glasgow School of Art

Nina Möntmann leads a discussion from the departure point of her recent exhibition “If we can’t get it together. Artists rethinking the (mal)function of communities” at The Power Plant, Toronto.

The accompanying texts (PDF) explore definitions and critiques of community, communities within the context of globalization & changing nation-states, and communities in art.  These resonate with contemporary critiques of creative practices in Scotland within the wider culture of shifting public support systems and political debate around a forthcoming referendum for independence.

Participants are expected to read the introduction text (PDF) before the seminar and reflect on the relationship of these questions to their own curating experience.

Nina Möntmann is a curator and professor and Head of Department of Art Theory and the History of Ideas at the Royal Institute of Art (KKH) in Stockholm. Until 2006 she worked as a curator at the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (NIFCA) in Helsinki. She is a correspondent for Artforum, and contributes to Le Monde Diplomatique, Parachute, Metropolis, Frieze and other periodicals. Recent publications include: New Communities, Nina Möntmann (Ed.) Toronto (Public Books/The Power Plant, 2009), Art and its Institutions, Nina Möntmann (Ed.) London (Black Dog Publishing, 2006). Her recent projects focus on art and ethics, the economic subject, communities as social entities of the public sphere, artist collectives and institution building in the Southern Hemisphere.

Nina will be talking at the Detours event the following day. Information here.