Curatorial development in Scotland

Jan Verwoert

Why this town is big enough for more of us

22.07.11, 14:00 - 18:30 - Cove Park

As a critic Jan’s views on art, society, love and life manifest themselves through writing, lecturing and teaching into an inspiring, interwoven practice.  Using a presentation as the central focus, the discussion will revolve around questions of professionalism and curatorial practice.  Jan’s recent book of collected texts from 2007-10, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, WHAT YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT* forms the backdrop to the event – including commentaries such as “the academy is perhaps one of the few remaining social spaces where one has the time at all to engage the question: what does my dream have to do with that of the others? How does my desire for recognition of my potential singularity relate to the same desire, for the same recognition, felt by those around me?” “Outside of the spaces symbolically protected as sites of education, little time is often left for such questions, as everyone already encounters everyone else, as a matter of course, in the role of the competitor the market imposes upon them.” *ed. Vanessa Ohlraun, publ. Piet Zwart Institute & Sternberg Press, 2010
(2-4pm workshop, followed by tour of Cove Park and drinks with resident artists).