Curatorial development in Scotland

Workshop reference material – Value and Evaluation

In the week preceding the workshop Value and Evaluation at DCA we’ll be posting links to reference material on the subject and our planning for the event itself.

A first point of reference is a text written by Clive Gillman, Director of DCA, who will co-host the event.  In 2009 Clive organised an event at DCA called Manufacturing Culture and the PDF of his introduction The Alienated Nation also serves as a touchstone for this discussion on value and the need to reclaim economic value from a presumption of pure financial value.

Another key reference which we’ll talk about in more depth is Eastside Projects three day production symposium Public Evaluation Event in October 2011. At their website you can access the programme, some audio recordings and Freee’s manifesto “Economists are Wrong”.

Other things we’ve been reading include:

Economist John Kay’s essay on the true value of the arts  – a very interesting read to find in the Financial Times!

Sarah Thelwell’s report for the Common Practice consortium in London with support from Arts Council Englands Size Matters: Notes towards a Better Understanding of the Value, Operation and Potential of Small Visual Arts Organisations. Her contextualising of ‘deferred value’ created by small  visual arts organisations is appearing in all sorts of contexts just now.

The report by Dany Louise in January’s a-n magazine  Realising the value: How practice-based organisations will fare after ACE cuts

Please also share your own links.