Curatorial development in Scotland

Questions of Self Organisation

These are some broad questions for participants set ahead of Anne Szefer Karslen’s walking seminar ‘Self Organised’ this week.

One premise of the book Self-Organised is to explore how self-organisation in the artworld can no longer be approached as “part of an opposing dichotomy” with institutional or corporate structures.  How does this relate to your own experiences?

How can we consider self-organisation beyond terms such as ‘alternative’, ‘non-profit’ or ‘artist run’ – e.g. as an expanded complex field of individual responses from “an organised community within society”?  Since these terms are used to imply different, often very specific things in different geographical or social contexts, how does a particular time and place (e.g. working in Scotland now) influence how you respond to discussion of the subject?

Barnaby Drabble’s text considers our own self-imposed micro management that “borders on the institutionalisation of the self”.  What shifts of position do you see in how you organise your own practice?

Anne also poses the following question “If self-organisation is indeed an emerging Institution, we are in a bit of trouble? Does it mean that the art world, or the art system, whatever you want to call the sector of society that we work within is becoming a closed circuit (maybe in the process of short circuiting)?”