Curatorial development in Scotland

Notes from Be[com]ing Dutch workshop

On Wednesday Annie very kindly flew into Edinburgh earlier than originally intended to come and speak with us about the project Be[com]ing Dutch

Starting with a 10 minute presentation on the development of the project and her personal development from an independent curator to curator of exhibitions at the Van Abbemuseum. Throughout the afternoon Annie articulated ideas of curating as a speculative intellectual process borrowing Donna Haraways idea of ‘staying with the trouble’ constantly reinventing and retooling our methods to ‘stage the encounter’.

The afternoons discussion touched on a number of very important areas, that we will be following up on at the forthcoming Framework residential, particularly interesting was the discussions on how we as young curators have to take control of structures and reshape them. The actual question of cultural nationalism was somewhat skirted around for a number of reasons but this will hopefully be rectified at the residential. One thing that emerged was the idea that we maybe need to organise a project of ‘Be[com]ing Scottish’ to try and unpick these difficult questions

I would ask the participants to add any thoughts they had below here.