Curatorial development in Scotland

Publication: Living Out Ideas

Anna McLauchlan, Cicely Farrer, Claire Walsh, Emmie McLuskey, Frances Davis, Frances Stacey, Gemma Lawrence, Gordon Douglas, Grace Johnston, Grant Watson, Jason E. Bowman, Katherine Murphy, Kirsteen Macdonald, Lauren Printy Currie, Marcus Jack, Maria Fusco, Nick Thomas, Rosie O’Grady, Shireen Taylor, Viviana Checchia.

Living Out Ideas is a new, self published document from the Curatorial Studio programme.

This ‘prospectus’ brings together new collaborative writing, interviews and individual works by programme participants and guest contributors. It forms a broad creative and critical response to the conditions of the curatorial from the context of working from Scotland within wider networks of contemporary practice and theory.

The printed version of Living Out Ideas is distributed by Good Press
It is also available as a 
free digital edition on issuu.