Curatorial development in Scotland

Frances Stacey

Stacey is a curator and producer based in Edinburgh. Her work draws on expanded approaches to curatorial practice, often involving open-ended research and collaboration with others.

Since 2013 Frances has been Producer at Collective, Edinburgh. In this role she has recently produced ‘How Near is Here?’: a symposium, series of workshops and book chapter addressing relational approaches to the city with artists, cultural workers, anthropologists, sociologists and others. In 2013 Frances took part in New Work Scotland Programme, Collective’s programme for emerging artists and producers. She developed an exhibition, ‘Folly and Landscape’, with artist Andy Holden and hosted a performance lecture with his father, ornithologist Peter Holden, which explored the relationships between bird nests and architectural design.

In 2009 Frances co-founded the artist-run organisation Rhubaba Gallery and Studios in Edinburgh. She was a member of the committee until 2014, working collaboratively to develop a programme of commissions, exhibitions and events with artists including Hannah James, Ed Atkins and Patrick Graf. Between 2012 and 2014 she developed a series of public events and an exhibition titled ‘We are all U.F.O.-nauts’ at Rhubaba, centred on the work of artist, UFOologist, sceptic and game-player Július Koller. The project culminated in ‘Galéria Ganku’ (Schlebrügge.Editor, 2014), a publication with art historian Daniel Grún and design-duo An Endless Supply.

She is currently developing a project at Collective with artist and filmmaker Petra Bauer in collaboration with Scot-Pep, an organisation promoting sex-workers rights.

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