Curatorial development in Scotland

Frances Davis

I graduated in 2013 from a fine art practice course but have for the past 2 and a half years been working curatorially for a cultural organisation in Scotland’s Far North (Timespan, Helmsdale). Initially working in a curatorial assistant role, I have for the last 12 months been working as curator for the organisation, developing a contemporary arts programme that encompasses exhibitions, residencies and events. Facilitating a contemporary art programme in a rural village location has thrown into sharp focus questions around the relationships between place and programme and between art, artist, and audience.

Over the past two years, this role has developed in parallel to my practice and, though I think of them as separate they inform each other. Through this organisational work, I have come to understand my own practice better, and the place that curatorial processes have within it, whilst my own practice informs the ethics I bring to working with artists and audiences. I am interested in curation as a method for creating sites of and for discourse; curation as communicative and conversational in both process and form. I am particularly interested in artist moving image and performance practices; guiding ongoing research into curating the temporal and the event as a context for curation.

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