Curatorial development in Scotland

Emmie Mcluskey

Over the last five years I have been curating and producing exhibitions, programmes and events in both small not for profit arts organisations and on a freelance basis. I have always been interested in collaborative practice, stemming from my time at art college where I examined and experimented with various collaborative models.

In 2011 I moved to Glasgow and joined artist run space Market Gallery for two years. During this time I explored ideas such as what it means to be part of a ‘gallery in a neighbourhood’, how to tackle our context both organisationally and as a part of the east end area. I produced a range of events including Night School that created an archive of objects and research connecting each speaker. Knowledge sharing and alternative ways of discussing subjects were at the forefront of my ideas surrounding these events.

At Cove Park in 2013, I worked alongside the programmers producing an internationally renowned programme of residencies, events and publications. Currently I am working with a theatre producer and performer on a project titled ‘Bus Stories’, the focus being mainly on site specific performances that give voice to the quieter areas of the city. With artist Will Holder, I am currently helping to create and edit his publication FR David establishing the publication as independent and long term. I am also working on a research project in Ireland with curator Greer MacKeogh titled ‘The High Street’, exploring the historical and social narratives contained within inactive architecture across Ireland.

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